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Electricity is the most critical component of the communication system and its availability must be near 100 percent. Most of the communication systems are located in the remote areas where there is limited access to resources harsh weather conditions throughoutthe year. For these reasons, solar PV systems are increasingly being used as a power source for telecommunication applications.

For industrial and commercial buildings, rooftop solar technology is the best option as other renewable energies arenot feasible in small-installation. Solar system can be deployed almost everywhere.Solar diesel hybrid systems are used, particularly if the peak power demand is much greater than the average demand. In these hybrid systems battery is critical component and deep-cycle lead-acid batteries or nickel-cadmium (NiCd) batteries are recommended for this application.

Solar in communications can be used in:

In India, telecommunication companies are the major market segments with almost 250,000 telecom towers and more to come in upcoming years. Such towers consume about 2 billion litres (about 530 million gallons) of diesel every year. Thus, telecom companies are looking toward renewable energy to fulfill their power needs.

Solar PV-based hybrid systems provide a great alternative to diesel power, a is independent of increasing diesel fuel prices, and also help minimize the logistical challenges of transporting and storing diesel fuel at remote tower locations.

Additionally, the government is planning to make it obligatory for mobile phone towers to be powered by solar energy, to curb down rising pollution and bring down high diesel consumption in the country.

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