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Solar Water Heater

A solar water heater is the most competitive alternative to conventional water heating methods such as electric geysers and fuel-fed boilers. It saves energy and is reliable source of hot water. Trilig Energy in association with Bosch provides the hot water solution for varying family sizes living in varied climatic conditions.

Our water heaters are available in various sizes ranging from 125/250/375/500 litres per day to several thousand litres capacity, depending up on the type of requirement.

    Advantages of Bosch Water Heater

  • Higher Storage Capacities Thermo siphon system with 25 % higher storage capacity providing value for money
  • Energy Efficient Light, robust and optimized collector performance helps in lowering your monthly electricity bill
  • High Aesthetic The collector is specially design with a full sheet aluminum absorber to provide your roof a better aesthetics
  • Time saving assembly solution Structures and hydraulics sets are designed for faster, comfortable and reliable installations saving your time
  • Theft proof design Screw less GERMAN design virtually makes impossible to steal high value absorber sheets from the collector providing you peace of mind
  • State of the Art design With innovative corner caps and robust aluminum frame protects the collector from damage during transit and installations
  • Certifications BIS approved collector as well as tested as per BOSCH standards provides you best in class product
  • Upfront Subsidy Bosch has been rated SP 1A for MNRE channel partnering and provide you upfront subsidy

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