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Solar Street Lights

We manufacture solar street lights that are designed to be used in housing colonies, townships, College/University campuses, streets and highways. They can also be used as security lights. We use low maintenance batteries and high quality components in our street lights, thus there is no need to worry about regular maintenance and replacement.

  • SPV Module
  • Low maintenance battery
  • Luminaire
  • Pole
  • Battery box
  • Interconnecting cables

The SPV module is fixed firmly on top of the pole with suitable tilt and inclination so as to receive maximum sunlight throughout the day. The SPV module thus produces suitable voltage and current, which is used to charge the battery inside the battery box. This energy stored in the battery is used to light up CFL/LED which is housed inside the luminaire during night time.


    Advantages of Solar Based Street Lights

  • Advance Technology Based Solar Charge Controller: Advance Peak Microprocessor based Controller which enhances the durability of the system. We are the pioneer in providing this type of technology which you might not going to get from any other suppliers. This is an advance technology being used in highly sensitive electronics devices like laptops, mobiles, TVs and many other Electronics and Electrical systems.
  • Advantages of the Micro - Processor Based Solar Charged Controller:
  • Protection against short circuit, over voltage, over current, over charged
  • Increase life of Battery and Solar Panel
  • Fine control over operation of system, panel, blinking, battery etc.
  • Proper facility for cooling as LED is highly sensitive device and problem of Cooling can affect ageing of LED’s.
  • Solar panel: Highly efficient Solar Panel utilizes highest amount of solar energy for the system to get charged as early as possible. Panels come with a warranty of 25 years.
  • Dusk to Dawn Operation: Internal suitable adjustment in the micro-processor based circuit which operates the light automatically when the Solar Light dims (For 8-10 hours Operation). So no manual operations required.

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