SolarWindow Wins Innovation Award: Future of Solar Power

SolarWindow Wins Innovation Award: Future of Solar Power

23rd Dec 2013 Uncategorized

New Energy Technologies’ SolarWindow technology has been declared  as the winner of the Energy Innovation Award 2013 by Energy Business Review (EBR)

SolarWindow allows electricity generation from see-through windows or glass surfaces that are sprayed with the company’s coatings.

These patented coatings generate electricity from both natural sunlight and artificial light sources including fluorescent and LED lighting, thereby outperforming the current commercial solar and thin-film technologies. Sprayed on glass at room temperature, the technology can be used to produce electricity through aircraft windows and fuselage, pilot flight suits, helmets, and visors. The coatings measure less than 1/10th the thickness of ‘thin’ films, making them lightweight and flexible and thus ideal for use on moving and non-planar surfaces. The company claims that 42 patent applications are pending for this technology.


New Energy Technologies is also developing electricity-generating coatings for commercial and military aircraft applications.